External Wall Fire Review (EWS1)

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Keegans offer Fire Safety Assessments for clients in both the public and private sectors.

EWS1 Process

Following a RICS led cross-industry working group investigation into best practice when reporting and valuing tall buildings within the secured lending arena, a new standard process has been agreed.

There is a requirement for a fire safety risk assessment to be conducted by a suitably qualified, and competent professional for buildings with a residential floor height above 18 metres (six storeys). This is likely to be extended to cover buildings with a residential storey over 11 metres (4 storeys) in the future.

Our RICS Chartered professional surveyors with fire building safety experience and expertise are now supporting our residential public sector clients and private sector residential management agencies, carrying out investigations and reporting on the external wall systems leading to the completion and issue of the appropriate EWS1 Certificate, and providing advice on how to make their buildings safe if the required safety standards are not met.

We are able to assist you with the investigation of external wall systems and building attachments and reporting on our findings leading to the publication of a completed EWS1 form. Our approach follows a number of defined processes that will be tailored to the property being assessed. We would be pleased to discuss this with you in relation to your buildings.

Please note that at this time we are only able to resource this services for clients in England and in order to conclude the process it is often necessary to carry out instructive inspections to the structure of the building in completing the EWS1 process unless detailed evidence has been collected either during construction or during remedial works. The flowchart below details the output of the EWS1 form in respect of the Option A and B and the respective sub options.

Managing Fire Risk

Keegans and our sister company ECD Architects have been working closely with our clients, heavily investing in the management of their high risk residential buildings to mitigate fire safety issues arising for external walls systems and other fire safety related issues. Where external wall systems are deemed non-compliant or create an unacceptable level of risk, we have developed management, removal and replacement solutions for these cladding systems.

We have invested in training our staff in Fire Safety Compliance and Keegans are affiliated members of The Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE) Institute of Fire Safety Managers (IFSM) and have gained NSI life Safety Fire Risk Assessment Silver status. We also undertake Fire Risk Assessments and fire safety reviews to many building types. These reports will be required to assist full applications to obtain funding from the Government’s Building Safety Fund.

Working across a wide range of sectors

Keegans work extensively in the public and private sectors on a wide variety of residential, education and health, regeneration, commercial and industrial sector projects.


Appoint Keegans to complete a fire safety review of the external wall



(1) The term ‘limited combustibility’ is as defined in BS 9991:2015. Note it is highly unlikely that this can be established without intrusive investigation.

(2) Would need expertise in the assessment of the fire risk presented by external wall materials and should be a member of a relevant professional body that deals with fire safety in the built environment. This could be a Chartered Engineer with the Institution of Fire Engineers or equivalent.

(3) Cavity barrier fire performance and locations to be based on relevant fire safety design guidance documentation such as BS 9991 or relevant statutory guidance.

(4) Note it is highly unlikely that this can be established without intrusive investigation.

(5) The signatory is required to have relevant expertise to identify the relevant elements in the wall and attachments.

(6) The signatory is required to have relevant expertise and a member of a professional body that deals with fire safety as detailed in point (2).

If you have a high risk building that requires an EWS1 then contact andrew.morrison@thekeegansgroup.com or T: 07976 898578 to discuss your requirements.

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