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Our retrofit services

Since the introduction of PAS 2035 we have invested in a team of over 20 Elmhurst qualified Retrofit Coordinators, Retrofit Assessors, Retrofit Designers and Evaluators and have delivered retrofit services to over 3700 homes across the UK from Hull, Durham and Gateshead to Milton Keynes, Midlands, Brentwood, London, Crawley and Folkestone.


Our retrofit team work alongside our M&E retrofit specialists and Cost Consultants who all have experience working on retrofit projects, producing cost benefit analysis and lifecycle costings which include carbon cost effectiveness per retrofit measure to best determine the most suitable retrofit options for the client's budget.


All our Assessors and Coordinators have trained through Elmhurst and are TrustMark registered. In 2023 we were shortlisted by Retrofit Academy Awards for Best Retrofit Employer Award and Retrofit Assessment and Coordination Services.


Our team has the skills and experience necessary to enable our clients to achieve full compliance under PAS 2035 by carrying out these key responsibilities on every retrofit project:


1. Protecting the client's & the public's interest, ensuring that projects are safe, high quality and performing to their maximum potential.

2. Overseeing the retrofit process from start to finish as a project manager.

3. Ensuring appropriate integration and communication between teams.

4. Ensuring the residents journey during the retrofit of their home has minimal impact on their day to day lives.

5. Signing off compliance with PAS 2035.


To support our clients in delivering retrofit projects we offer the following services through our qualified team of professionals:


Retrofit Assessors

Our qualified Retrofit Assessors support the Coordinator carrying out condition surveys, occupancy and energy reports and give the information gathered to the Coordinator. Our Assessments are based upon PAS 2035:2019 'Whole House Assessment' and our scope includes all the necessary roles defined by this methodology. Using Elmhurst software Condition Go, we survey the condition of the dwelling; the occupancy; risk assessment; ventilation; heritage; dimension (all elements and floors including windows and doors); and building services. Retrofit Assessors collect all relevant rdSAP data, including heat loss calculation, heating and control data and all requirements to fill out and lodge an Energy report with Elmhurst.


Retrofit Coordinators

Our Retrofit Coordinators are responsible for overseeing the project, providing a midterm plan which identifies different retrofit measures as well as the subsequent viability, monitoring, and evaluation of energy efficiency measures, in accordance with PAS 2035. They project manage the retrofit process from start to finish ensuring the project is safe, high quality and meets the retrofit measures. This is a mandatory role for any PAS 2035 retrofit project.


As Retrofit Coordinators we are also able to define projects as low, medium, or high-risk dependent upon what measures are selected. From our experience, most deep retrofits fall into the medium or high-risk categories.


During works on site our Retrofit Coordinators monitor the installation of the energy efficient measures and at handover ensure all warranties for materials and building components are collated and uploaded to the Trustmark data warehouse.


Retrofit Designers

Our Retrofit Designers are RIBA Architects and use the assessments to design relevant energy efficiency improvements to a dwelling using their knowledge and experience of the best retrofit measures appropriate for each dwelling.


Cost Consultants

Our qualified team of Quantity Surveyors provide cost benefit analysis and lifecycle costings which include Carbon cost effectiveness per retrofit measure to best determine the most suitable retrofit options for the client's budget.


Retrofit funding


We have also supported numerous clients obtain funding on a wide variety of retrofit projects.


Keegans supported 9 councils and housing associations with SHDF Wave 1 bids and 8 SHDF Wave 2 bids. Seven of the SHDF Wave 2.1 bids that we supported have received funding. This gives us the opportunity to reduce fuel poverty and carbon emissions and improve comfort in over 3000 homes, and build on our experience from Wave 1 schemes.


We have an excellent understanding of the process both of bidding and working as consultants once funding has been won.


At every stage we talk our clients through the process, giving them a good understanding of what we are proposing and why, so that they can make informed decisions and get necessary sign offs in a timely manner.


A key part of the bidding process, and working on publicly funded projects is ensuring that all work complies with PAS 2035 requirements. Our team  use their expertise to provide guidance talks to potential SHDF bidders through the Social Housing Retrofit Accelerator.


Prior to SHDF wave 2 bids, Keegans were involved in supporting successful bids to the SHDF Demonstrator and Wave 1 funds. Our subsequent experience in seeing these projects through to completed homes and TrustMark lodgement places us in a better position to support future bids, as we understand the pitfalls and have been able to make our own processes more efficient.


We have also supported clients to obtain GHG (Green Homes Grant), ECO (Energy Company Obligation) and RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) funding.





Retrofit  Assessment and Coordination Service




Best Retrofit Employer Award

Retrofit Coordinator of the Year

Retrofit Assessor of the Year


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