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Fire Risk Management and Assessment

Keegans have in excess of 15 years of experience delivering fire safety works and providing fire risk assessments, predominantly in the public sector. All of our operations are completed in accordance with PAS 79:2020.


Keegans are BAFE 205 accredited and affiliated members of The Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE) and The Institute of Fire Safety Managers (IFSM). We have considerable proficiency in delivering Fire Risk Assessments at Levels 1 to 4 to a wide range of property types, including Housing, Corporate Properties, Schools, Colleges and Universities. We have excellent experience on Level 2 and 4 assessments, including compartmentation and have a good understanding of the specific issues associated with this type of work in an operational environment.



Our RICS Chartered professional surveyors have completed the requisite Level 6 External Wall Systems Assessment Training Programme - External Wall Systems and are listed as 'course completers' on the RICS Fire Safety website.


We are on the Homes England Panel of FRAEW providers and if you are making an application to the Cladding Safety Scheme we can assist you with this process.


We can assist you with the investigation and risk assessment and appraisal of external wall systems as defined in the recently published PAS9980:2022 standard, reporting on our findings leading to the publication of a completed and signed Report and EWS1 form.


We have a core team of contractors who specialise in completing intrusive investigation works and will ensure that there is very little evidence of where the inspections have been completed on the building and we will always ensure the site is left tidy. We also organise licences for scaffolding and pavement/road closures where these are required.


We provide advice on how to make your buildings safe if the required safety standards are not achieved. Our Chartered Surveyors are qualified to complete Option A and Option B forms for buildings under 18m high and Option A for buildings over eighteen high. For buildings over 18m high which record an Option B outcome, we refer these to our Fire Engineer partners for completion.


Higher Risk Building Safety Cases

Under the Building Safety Act the Accountable Person or Principal Accountable person has a duty to provide a Building Safety Case report for a Higher-Risk Building to the Building Safety Regulator.


A higher-risk building is a building that is at least 18 metres in height or has at least 7 storeys and contains at least 2 residential units. This definition is used in the 2022 Act and the Higher-Risk Building Regulations 2023. The definition also includes care homes and hospitals.


We have developed our own internal proformas for collecting the required BSC information that can be used at the outset to identify the shortfalls in information and highlight and recommend where further investigations are required to meet the statutory requirements of the Building Safety Act 2022. We are assisting our clients with the completion of building safety cases and can advise you on the required assembly of the information and building safety report.


Once we have completed the initial gap analysis of the building in question we can provide the following services to cover any shortfall of investigation and information;

  • FRAEW Surveys
  • Fire Risk Assessments Type 2 Intrusive Common Parts
  • Fire Risk Assessments Type 4 Intrusive Common Parts and Flats
  • Structural Appraisals
  • Retrospective Fire Strategies
  • Drawings and Plans showing key information for the Fire and Rescue Service
  • Carryout Safety Risk Assessments
  • Advise on the regulatory guidance and standards for the mandatory maintenance of Passive and active fire safety systems.


We can also assist with the following; -

  • Development of mandatory reporting procedures
  • Review and development of fire safety policies and emergency plans

Fire Safety Advice

Keegans experienced Fire Engineers are providing our clients with fire safety advice on new developments providing fire strategies and inputting into design solutions to ensure that completed designs are code complaint. Our team can also provide advice and guidance in relation to fire safety on existing buildings including completing technical assessments, risk assessments and provide solutions in relation to maintenance and repairs to both passive and active fire safety systems.


Fire Strategies

We can provide fire strategies for new buildings and retrospective fire strategy documents to existing buildings where these were not provided at the point of development or following extensive refurbishment and maintenance. We have developed easy to follow templates that can be used to assist in the completion of Building Safety Cases and we work with our clients to identify gaps in information and documentation. We can also provide fire strategy documents for new developments. Working in conjunction with the appointed design team we are proactively involved ensuring the design proposals are code compliant and where this cannot be achieved, we provide fire engineering advice and solutions.


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