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We are thrilled to announce that Keegans, in partnership with Mears Group and ECD Architects, has been shortlisted for the Collaboration of the Year - Retrofit Projects category at the Unlock Net Zero Awards. Furthermore, our Netherfield Estate project has been shortlisted in the Green Homes Upgrade of the Year category. This prestigious recognition underscores our collaborative approach and commitment to enhancing energy efficiency in thousands of homes across the UK.


The Unlock Net Zero Awards honour significant advancements in the decarbonization of the UK housing sector and its supporting supply chain. Over the past two years, our partnership with Mears Group and ECD Architects has flourished, enabling us to work together effectively to meet the government's net zero emissions targets. By retrofitting social housing on an increasingly large scale, we are making substantial strides toward a sustainable future. Our close collaboration allows us to optimize efficiency, share knowledge, and overcome challenges, resulting in improved energy efficiency and comfort for numerous homes in the UK.


Since our initial collaboration on a feasibility study of a single estate in May 2021, we have supported twelve successful bids with Local Authorities and Housing Associations for the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund (SHDF) waves 1 and 2.1. Our joint efforts have led to the completion of 3 SHDF Wave 1 projects and 7 SHDF Wave 2.1 schemes. We have retrofitted over 475 homes thus far, with an additional 2,000 homes in the design phase or currently underway. Further successful applications have been made for wave 2.2.


By mid-2025, our collaboration aims to:

  • Retrofit 3,817 homes, reducing carbon emissions by approximately 6,200 tonnes
  • Save 1,633 kgCO2 per property annually through retrofitting
  • Create and sustain 495 jobs and apprenticeships
  • Save residents over £1 million annually in fuel bills


"This collaboration with Mears Group and ECD Architects exemplifies how effective partnerships can drive significant advancements in energy efficiency. By working closely together, we've retrofitted over 3,700 homes, significantly reducing carbon emissions and creating sustainable jobs. This partnership highlights our shared commitment to combating climate change and improving living standards. Keegans is dedicated to ensuring every retrofit project meets the highest standards of safety and quality. Being shortlisted for the Unlock Net Zero Awards alongside Mears and ECD Architects is an incredible honour, reflecting our leadership in the retrofit industry and our collective effort to drive meaningful change in the UK's housing sector."

- Jon Abbott - Director of Retrofit, Keegans


Netherfield Estate Project Shortlisted for Green Homes Upgrade of the Year


Our Netherfield Estate project has been shortlisted in the Green Homes Upgrade of the Year category. This initiative involved retrofitting 302 homes on the Netherfield Estate in Milton Keynes, funded through SHDF Wave 1, with residents remaining in situ throughout the process. The calculated reduction in heat demand from PHPP and DesignSAP ranges between 65% and 70% for the various archetypes. Early feedback from the post-occupancy evaluation has been highly positive, with residents reporting warmer homes, halved fuel bills, and a significantly reduced need to use their heating systems. One resident even mentioned not needing to turn on their heating for two days, highlighting the substantial improvement in internal temperatures since the new insulation was installed.



Awards Ceremony

The Unlock Net Zero Live Awards will kick off the CIH Housing 2024 conference, taking place on Wednesday, June 26, at Manchester Central. We are eagerly anticipating the ceremony and the chance to celebrate our achievements with our partners.



to view the Netherfield Estate Retrofit project.




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