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Keegans was appointed by West Midlands Combined Authority to deliver Retrofit Services Consultants for a comprehensive energy efficiency improvement project aimed at owner-occupied homes. The project, funded through BEIS LAD3 and HUG funding, targeted properties in the Elmdon area of Solihull and the Foleshill area of Coventry. The primary objective was to enhance the energy performance and sustainability of these homes in compliance with PAS2035 standards.


Scope of Work

  • Conduct thorough Retrofit Assessments on 230 homes to identify necessary energy efficiency and low carbon technology measures.
  • Collaborate with residents and WMCA to define the scope of works tailored to each property.
  • Assume responsibility for Retrofit Coordination and Evaluation, ensuring high-quality installations and compliance with PAS2035 standards.
  • Work closely with the Customer Journey Support provider (Act on Energy) and Installation Contractor to meet resident needs.
  • Document and lodge completed work with Trustmark for certification.
  • Conduct post-Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) assessments for all renovated properties to ensure a comprehensive project conclusion.


Challenges Faced

One of the significant challenges encountered during the project was aligning the diverse interests and requirements of residents, coordinators, and contractors. Achieving compliance with PAS2035 standards, particularly regarding ventilation, sometimes required in-depth conversations with homeowners. For instance, addressing limitations in space and aesthetics when installing extractor fans in newly completed kitchens or bathrooms posed design challenges. Ventilation requirements often had to be addressed before proceeding with insulation measures, necessitating elegant design solutions that satisfied the residents yet met the standards.


Approach and Solutions

Keegans adopted a collaborative approach, actively engaging with residents, coordinators, and contractors to find viable solutions that balanced compliance with PAS2035 standards, resident preferences, and practical constraints. Thorough assessments and consultations were conducted to understand individual needs and tailor solutions accordingly. Where issues arose, Keegans facilitated open communication between stakeholders, ensuring concerns were addressed promptly and effectively. Rigorous quality control measures, including post-installation inspections and resident satisfaction surveys, were implemented to uphold the highest standards of workmanship and ensure compliance with project requirements.



Despite the challenges encountered, Keegans successfully delivered a programme of energy efficiency improvements that significantly enhanced the sustainability and comfort of owner-occupied homes in the Elmdon and Foleshill areas. By meticulously adhering to PAS2035 standards and prioritizing resident satisfaction, the project achieved its objectives of improving the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) rating of properties while providing tangible benefits to homeowners. The collaborative efforts of all stakeholders, combined with Keegans' expertise and commitment to quality, resulted in a successful outcome that exemplifies the potential for effective retrofit services consultancy in achieving sustainable, energy-efficient housing solutions.



The Retrofit Services Consultancy project undertaken by Keegans for the West Midlands Combined Authority exemplifies the importance of collaboration, communication, and meticulous planning in delivering successful energy efficiency improvements to residential properties. By addressing the diverse needs and challenges inherent in retrofit projects, Keegans demonstrated its ability to navigate complex scenarios and deliver tangible benefits to both clients and homeowners. As the demand for sustainable housing solutions continues to grow, projects like this serve as a testament to the value of professional consultancy services in driving positive change in the built environment.

  • Client

West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA)


  • Services

Retrofit Assessor & Coordination


  • Date

November 2022 – January 2024


  • Location

Elmdon, Solihull and Foleshill, Coventry, West Midlands, UK


  • Funding Source

BEIS LAD3 and HUG Funding

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