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I joined Keegans on Monday 4th July 2016, having just finished my second year at Nottingham Trent University, studying Building Surveying. I very quickly realized the extreme difference between learning at university and putting what we were taught into practice and soon felt very out of my depth. Despite this, I discovered that all of my colleagues were happy to help and answer any questions I had (which was a lot). To my surprise, I also found that there were some areas that I was more familiar with than they were so occasionally, I was able to help them too.

One of the great things about working at Keegans is that I am given a huge variety of different tasks to undertake, many of which are closely linked with the work that I have completed in my last two years at university or with the work that I will be undertaking in final year. This means that the work I carry out is both a valuable learning experience for me and is actually contributing to the projects I work on rather than just spending my days making drinks and photocopying.

Further to this, once I gained my confidence, I was allowed a huge degree of independence so was able to plan out my days and weeks to suit me and organize site visits, surveys and meetings myself.

Some of the core areas of Building Surveying that I have gained a much stronger understanding of since starting my sandwich placement at Keegans are the party wall process, producing and submitting planning applications, CAD drawings and Right to Buy surveys and reports. However, on top of that I have improved my people skills and my confidence in handling clients, contractors, planners, other consultants and many other people has massively increased simply by stepping out of my comfort zone and dealing with them myself.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my year at Keegans and would highly recommend it to any second year Building Surveying students who are looking for a placement in a London based surveying firm. Keegans will teach core skills required by building surveyors, give you flexibility, support you on their way to chartership and allow you to enjoy your time both in the office and outside of work.

Tom Horrocks

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