Water & Hygiene


Keegans have significant experience of completing Risk Assessments of hot & cold water systems.

Water & Hygiene

Keegans have significant experience of completing Risk Assessments of hot & cold water systems to ensure compliance with the Approved Code of Practice, Legionnaires’ disease: The control of legionella bacteria in water systems (L8).


Keegans will complete an assessment of the water systems, creating a schematic layout drawing of the system and associated equipment, and inspect all elements of the system to conclude whether the system is likely to create a risk from exposure to legionella. This would include inspection of the following elements:

  • Water Storage Tanks, distribution systems and outlets to assess for sources of nutrients such as rust, sludge, scale and organic matter.
  • Water Temperature Monitoring - cold and hot water supply.
  • Identification of dead legs and low turnover conditions which could encourage bacteria to multiply
  • Outlets where water droplets are produced e.g. show

HSE Guidance

The Risk Assessment report will detail the following as identified within current HSE guidance:

  • Management responsibilities, including the name of competent person and a description of your system.
  • Potential sources of risk.
  • Any controls in place to control risks.
  • Monitoring, inspection and maintenance procedures.
  • Records of the monitoring results, inspections and checks carried out.
  • Arrangements to review the risk assessment regularly.

Working across a wide range of sectors

Keegans work extensively in the public and private sectors on a wide variety of residential, education and health, regeneration, commercial and industrial sector projects.


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