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Keegans and our sister company ECD Architects have been investing in BIM technology and expertise for a number of years.

Alongside our sister company ECD Architect we have been investing in BIM technology and expertise for the past 2 years. We have a dedicated BIM Manager along with trained BIM quantity surveyors and CDM and Asset Management specialists.

We can offer the following BIM services;

  • BIM Adoption Strategy
  • BIM Training
  • Preparation of Employers Information Requirements (EIR)
  • Production of detailed BIM Execution Plans (BEP)
  • Model Management, Co-ordination and Validation
  • Assisting in Procurement - documentation and evaluation of experienced BIM consultant/Contractor teams 

We recognise the key benefits of using 3D object based modelling as a way to add real value to our clients projects and enhancing our service, providing efficiency and effectiveness throughout all stages of a project.

We achieve this by;

  • Enabling a better understanding of the project components at the design stage
  • Making important design decisions with ease and understand their impact earlier, when it adds the most value
  • Adding predictability to construction costs and outcomes resulting in savings/ certainties
  • Allowing asset maintenance to be maximized thus reducing waste
  • Improving task allocation for all team members
  • Highlighting any clashes between services and proving buildability resulting in reduced contingency costs
  • Ensuring defect free handover
  • Incorporating a wide range of inputs for new efficiencies in facility management, maintenance and operations ensuring building operates as specified.

Working across a wide range of sectors

Keegans work extensively in the public and private sectors on a wide variety of residential, education and health, regeneration, commercial and industrial sector projects.


Our core disciplines:


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Compliance & Safety

Building Surveying

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