Stock Investment Programme, Crawley

Client name:
Crawley Homes


£29.5m & £10m pa planned maintenance

Keegans were appointed to provide technical services to review and assist with developing and implementing a strategy for the delivery of Crawley Homes Decent Homes programme. Since the commencement of works in 2008, we managed the delivery of the programme and represented the Client at operational and at strategic core group level with our core delivery team embedded into the Clients office. This relationship has continued through to the current planned maintenance programme with the appointed framework contractor with an average £8M spend. For the last 7 years we have worked in partnership with Crawley Homes and have been instrumental, as the cost & projects managers, building surveyors and principal designers in assisting Crawley Homes in delivering its £30m stock investment programme to achieve the Decent Homes Standard and cost managing the planned maintenance programme which has followed. Work has included kitchen and bathroom replacement, boiler replacement, electrical works, window and door replacements for decent homes. Within the planned maintenance work more kitchen and bathroom works have been completed, boiler replacement programme continues along with the electrical testing and rewiring as well as external decorations as well as upgrades to hostels, leaseholder blocks and sheltered housing.

Our team in Crawley are co-located within Crawley Homes’ offices for the majority of their time and work together seamlessly in collaboration with Crawley’s in-house surveying staff to develop and implement a robust approach to the planning and management of the large scale investment in its stock.


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