Retrofitting homes with Mears

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Retrofit Assesment, Retrofit Coordination, Retrofit Design

We were appointed by Mears to carry out several projects across Milton Keynes, Durham and Crawley to carry out Retrofit Coordination, Retrofit Assessments and Retrofit Design (Our Architects ECD).

In Milton Keynes we have completed over 94% of 302 Retrofit Assessments on residential buildings in phase 1 (and have begun working on phase 2 of another 350 properties). In Crawley 90% of assessments have been completed and 95% of assessments in Durham.

The target for this project was system-built properties in Milton Keynes (1970s built), Cavity wall construction in Durham and timber frame buildings in Crawley, with the grant covering external wall insulation, window and door replacement, ventilation systems etc.

Our role as Retrofit Coordinator and Assessors was to visit each property and provide details of what issues were currently there to enable prestart works to remedy any damp or mould issues, to give a baseline for how the property currently preforms in terms of energy use and heat loss and to provide best solutions in terms of fabric first scenarios to improve the property performance and heat demand for the grant funded work and for a mid-term plan on how to achieve carbon neutral over the coming years in phased work packages. The Coordinators also ensure that all works are carried out by fully qualified Contractors and works are carried out to the PAS2035 standards to enable Trustmark and funding streams criteria to be met.

Alongside our architects, ECD we were involved from the outset. The homes located across Milton Keynes are each exemplar projects aimed to achieve CO2 emission reductions of around 80% against the average 1990 UK dwelling through a combination of extensive fabric improvements, low carbon heating methods and micro-generation. The dwellings were assessed with families living in them to find the average heating and water usage to create the best scenarios as to how the dwellings can be retrofitted and the best costs for Mears, Milton Keynes.

As the project moves to site we will be working as Retrofit Coordinators.

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Retrofitting homes with Mears

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