Amy Woodgate House, Kingston

Client name:
Royal Borough of Kingston

Project management, quantity surveying, CDM co-ordination, clerk of works, architecture


This residential care home, day care centre and respite facility for older people with dementia is the first of its kind within the borough and is a flagship project and model for future care homes. The Centre accommodates 40 residential clients, as well as having 30 day care places and 4 respite rooms.

Due to the specialist nature of the project, a number of field studies were undertaken as part of the consultation exercise to aide design considerations such as domestic scale and character, barrier-free, safe and secure environment, innovative design solutions, flexible and exemplar economic design and attractive / useable landscaping. Public consultation took place as part of the Planning Process to allow local residents, relatives of the clients and Borough Councillors to view the design and to take part in Question and Answer sessions.

The building is constructed of a simple pallet of materials: facing brickwork and off-white coloured render to the external walls, composite windows and stainless steel profiled roof. The roof is deliberately broken down into component parts to break up the mass of the building. The building is split into two wings and these are terminated with gable ends with high pitched roofs. The two wings are joined centrally by a glazed atrium, which forms the entrance to the residential home.

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Amy Woodgate House, Kingston