BIM Services


Alongside our sister company ECD Architect we have been investing in BIM technology and expertise for the past 2 years. We have a dedicated BIM Manager along with trained BIM quantity surveyors and CDM and Asset Management specialists.

We can offer the following BIM services;

  • BIM Adoption Strategy
  • BIM Training
  • Preparation of Employers Information Requirements (EIR)
  • Production of detailed BIM Execution Plans (BEP)
  • Model Management, Co-ordination and Validation
  • Assisting in Procurement - documentation and evaluation of experienced BIM consultant/Contractor teams 

We recognise the key benefits of using 3D object based modelling as a way to add real value to our clients projects and enhancing our service, providing efficiency and effectiveness throughout all stages of a project by;

  • Enabling a better understanding of the project components at the design stage
  • Making important design decisions with ease and understand their impact earlier, when it adds the most value
  • Adding predictability to construction costs and outcomes resulting in savings/ certainties
  • Allowing asset maintenance to be maximized thus reducing waste
  • Improving task allocation for all team members
  • Highlighting any clashes between services and proving buildability resulting in reduced contingency costs
  • Ensuring defect free handover
  • Incorporating a wide range of inputs for new efficiencies in facility management, maintenance and operations ensuring building operates as specified.

Our BIM service brings together our architects, project managers, quantity surveyors, building surveyors, asset managers and principal designers to form an enhanced integrated project team working collaboratively with the client and contractor from design through to construction and beyond.

Through the whole project team working together to create a single computer generated 3D model our clients have experienced greater efficiency and more accurate design and greater cost certainty.

We are using BIM on current projects both as a tool to reduce the time we spend extracting and measuring quantities, allowing for more time to be spent accurately benchmarking costs, value management and feeding back into the design development process and to support more collaborative ways of working on our projects.

We have invested in Revit and CATO software and training that facilitates aligning the BIM based cost estimating and planning processes with RICS new rules of measurement (NRM). It also provides the ability to link the relevant quantities and cost information to the building model and update them simultaneously to design changes. COBie software has also been introduced for information drop at different milestone stages. We have developed bespoke cost templates.

Our approach to integrating BIM within projects is based on the understanding that it is more than 3D modelling. To maximise the benefits successful implementation is based on collaborative working underpinned by clear protocols and effective communications.