Stock Investment Programme, Crawley

Client name: Crawley Homes

Services: Multi-disciplinary

Value: £37,000,000


Keegans have been working with Crawley Homes since 2008 providing technical services and support to review and assist with developing and implementing a strategy for the delivery of Crawley Homes Stock Investment Programme (SIP) including the delivery of major planned works, reactive and planned preventative maintenance contracts as well as carrying audit functions to establish that best value is being achieved from the resource based costing model that has been established.

The strategic objectives for our appointment were as follows:

  1. Develop deliver and monitor the 5 year investment programme model
  2. Identify investment required to keep stock in good repair beyond 2017
  3. Ensure Best Value from capital investment
  4. Ensure Best Value from maintenance contracts
  5. Provide Technical Support including Management of the Investment Programme

In order to ensure that the minimum investment requirement was fully understood, we undertook detailed evaluation of the condition of the stock based on an elemental approach reflecting that a extensive Decent Homes investment programme was concluded in 2011.

We assisted Crawley Homes with the appointment of service providers through the OJEU restricted procedures and facilitated the mobilisation process and the adoption of the price framework models. Whilst our modelling had given confidence on the level of investment, we still required detail and understanding of exactly what works were required to the properties.

We have undertaken detailed surveys so that all the stock for each task year is surveyed in detail and works fully scoped out before prices are built up and costs validated by our surveyors. The information was transferred to spreadsheets and works packages were generated for the contractors to develop works packages.

Following the appointment to the framework, the service providers agreed the development of an open book payment arrangement and in order to establish value for money, a target cost model has been adopted.  Target costs are agreed for each property archetype and it is this cost that is linked to incentivisation by achievement of cost savings and also meeting KPI’s targets.

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